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Frequently asked questions

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Yes, we use English on a daily basis. We have team members in America, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. No one expects that you will speak English like a native speaker. A basic level is enough for general communication.
If you feel like you need a boost, sign up for English lessons at work.

We have a pretty flexible home office policy. Nevertheless, we are not working entirely remotely.

Developers and QAs: product teams usually choose one day a week when they meet in the office. The rest of the week is up to them from where they work unless it is necessary to go to the office for training or some workshop.

Scrum Masters and Product Owners: they are in the office when their teams are there.

Unfortunately no. We prefer to hire employees.

Occasionally, we travel between our European locations (Prague and Košice) for training or workshops. We prefer to travel by plane and fortunately there is a direct connection.

For 23 years, we went with the name ZOOM International, but because of confusion with the other Zoom, we renamed Eleveo, a.s. And now, we work with Zoom on the integration of our products. How crazy it is 🙂

Eleveo is an international company founded in Prague, and its headquarters are still in Prague. We have two other offices in Košice (Slovak republic) and Franklin (United States).

Current Job Openings

We are looking for people to join our team. Take a look and see if there is a position for you – we’re hiring!