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Research & Development

About Engineering

Engineering and Product in Eleveo is about half of the company (approximately 80 people). We have a flat organizational structure. The majority of colleagues are organized in product (scrum) teams or in small expert teams.

The Product Teams


Team Alpha is responsible for workforce management development. Workforce management ensures that properly trained people are working on optimized schedules to answer contacts with the highest resulting service level. Activities include forecasting, scheduling, communicating schedules to people, and real-time changes made “on the fly” to meet changing circumstances. In order to accurately predict and schedule the correct number of people for a contact center, a specialized application like Eleveo WFM can be employed to automate the process.


The BeerOps team is developing speech recognition and analytics applications for the Eleveo suite. These applications are cloud-native and hosted in the AWS cloud. The team has strong ownership of their application and significant control over technical decisions.

Guerrilla Devs

Our Media Capture team, Guerrilla Devs, has two developers, two QAs, and one technical writer. Our primary task is to maintain and improve the integrations between the media capture platform and various 3rd party solutions. We loosely follow the Kanban agile methodology, including daily standups, weekly groomings, retrospectives, and biweekly demos. We have a long history of working semi-remotely and continue to meet in the office only on rare occasions.


Phoenix team is working on user management implementation across the entire Eleveo product portfolio.


The team you would join is responsible for the development and operations (DevOps) of Cloud environments for our customers. The team also covers applications installation and upgrade and takes care of their performance and support. Almost all the delivered changes have no GUI visibility, and most of the daily routine involves working in a command line inside Linux, Docker containers, and AWS cloud.



Team Omega was formed to create integrations with CCaaS providers and subsequent (contact center-related) data collection needed for further usage/evaluation in Eleveo applications (WFM, WFO). The ultimate goal is to provide easy-to-setup integration with customers’ cloud contact center systems and provide a seamless experience for data transfer.


Phoenix team is working on user management implementation across the entire Eleveo product portfolio.

Unseen Academicals

Specializing in media capture (audio, video, screen recording), this core team is responsible for the infrastructure and code that make our business a preferred choice for our customers. In addition to our work on SIP-based recording, the Eleveo Media Capture team is working to interconnect and expand our current on-premise recording capabilities to the cloud (AWS, etc.).

The Expert Teams

Performance Lab

The PerfLab Team is responsible for creating and running performance tests on Eleveo software (on-premise and cloud solution), performance lab infrastructure, Performance Presentation Platform, and the Eleveo Hardware Calculator.

Team members enjoy learning new things and continuously enhancing their technical knowledge. We work with open-source technologies and automate things (also in our personal time).

Quality Assurance Team

QA Engineers are located directly in scrum teams. Nevertheless, they closely cooperate as a QA team across the company. Besides QAs in teams, we also have QA Architect, and the group is led by QA Director.

Technical Writers

Technical Writers are embedded within dedicated development teams. Team members are responsible for creating and maintaining customer-facing product documentation and product training materials.

UI/UX Team

The UI / UX team is responsible for creating and managing the Eleveo product user interface (UI). Team members work closely with product managers, developers, and most importantly, customers to ensure that products are user-friendly, attractive, and meet user needs. The team also works with stakeholders to ensure business requirements are met.

Engineering in Numbers

Product Teams
Scrum Masters
Product Owners