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What are we doing?

  • Recording of voice and video calls
  • Recording of agent desktop screens
  • Speech Recognition and Speech Analysis
  • Evaluation of the quality of agents’ work
  • Reporting for Contact Centers
  • Planning agents shifts
  • Integration with the Contact Center platform
  • Operating in the cloud and on-premise

It usually starts with Call Recording, which is frequently required to fulfill legal regulations or internal processes. Organizations record their calls to ensure they comply with regulations but also to let supervisors verify how agents handle customer calls.

Live Monitor allows supervisors to see the current state of all their agents, eventually, pick one, and listen to their present call in real time. It can also be augmented by a real-time screen view if Screen Recording is in place.

Our suite can never exist on its own. There is always a contact center platform that we integrate. We need to obtain and process a number of data from a third party – agent and call-related metadata, agent statistic, and historical data. Elevēo provides many Integrations with third-party contact center platforms, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Using the Quality Management tool, supervisors can create scoring questionnaires and then perform a quality review on recorded calls, often accompanied by a recording of the agent desktop if Screen Recording is in place.

Workforce Management is a tool that helps to plan agent shifts in the contact center. Based on historical data, it predicts workload and staffing requirements. Then it creates an actual agent schedule optimized to fulfill the forecasted contact center load.

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